“We da bomb!”

Yahae! Is Da Bomb!

By the way, readers — we have a sister magazine, an edgy fashion magazine called Yahae! that will do for Korean fashion what Bomb English will do for boring ESL content in Korea! We’ve been busy bees in trying to develop content that will do well on the Korean Internet, and now that the Korean Internet has changed a LOT in the time since we took a break from Bomb English, we are now in a much more friendly media environment for our content.

Now, not only has the iPod become the standard MP3 player (anyone out there even remember the iRiver, let alone use one?), that the smartphone (iPhone and Android) has entered the market, as have Twitter and Facebook — we feel our content can develop into natural communities and spread much farther and faster than it could have before.

So, we feel it’s time for Bomb English to return, with a new, determined vengeance. And also, it’s time to break open the Korean independent online magazine market, starting with the first such fashion magazine, that will bring a new standard of edginess and style to the Korean magazine market, which will be completely online within two years. Check us out.


Read it and follow it, ’cause THIS is also da bomb!

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  • Just Recorded a New Episode!

    We just recorded a new episode about the issue of “nation branding.”

    아싸! We’ll have it as an episode within a week. See you all soon!

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  • We’re gonna relaunch and get more serious, especially beginning in March. We want to design the app so you can easily read the transcript in an audio player on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or even iPad! We are also going to make buttons to allow 2, 5, and 10-second instant rewind so you can catch the ‘casts better.

    Remember — we wanna make a better product, so please understand our need to sponsor ourselves! And also remember, the transcripts will always be available online, although the app will make even this small task much easier!

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  • Bomb English is on Twitter!

    Follow us at twitter with the username “bombenglish” and add us! Or click over to www.twitter.com/bombenglish. Follow our lead!

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  • Both Jennifer and I have been through some major living, job, and other life changes, and are getting settled back down.

    So although we’ve been gone for some time, we’re gonna get back on board!

    Leave comments here and we’ll talk again soon!

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  • 이 18번째 폭탄영어 에피소드에서는 제니퍼와 마이클이 한국식 발렌타인데이 왜 짜증나게 하는지 설명해주는 거예요. ㅋㅋㅋ [대본을 다운 받으세요.]

    In this 18th episode, Jennifer and Michael talk about Valentine’s Day and why it can be extremely annoying. Hehe…[대본을 다운 받으세요.]

    우리 대화의 대본 그리고 나온 링크들이 www.bombenglish.com에 구할 수 있습니다. Go to www.bombenglish.com for show links and transcript!

    Recorded in mono at 64 kbps, 44.100 KHZ for high voice fidelity and maximum clarity. Show length: 21:13

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  • Back to Work

    Michael and I will be recording our first new episode of Bomb English tonight, and we hope to have new episodes up on the site very soon. Many, many thanks to our patient listeners and especially to our new Bomb English members: Ancient Goose and James!
    Also, for those of you who just can’t wait, both Micheal and I have been featured on Seoul’s new English language radio broadcast: tbs eFM103 is featuring daily English language programming, and both Mike and I have been guests on Sara Kim’s Seoul of Asia program (daily at 11 am). Mike will be on every Monday at 11 now, lending his special slant to the ombudsman oratory.

    Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch . . .

    An update:
    Michael and I are very thankful to all the people who’ve volunteered to help us. We are tentatively getting ready to record and release new material very soon. Thank you to all of our listeners for their support and patience.
    In the meantime, if you’re really desperate for some podcasting, I’ve been on the Seoul Podcast once again . . .

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  • An amazing way to present the American presidential debates is through the New York Times’ video presentation of the debates, where they present a full transcript of the debate WHILE it happens. I won’t explain it here — just go watch it. It’s amazing. You can READ the transcript WHILE the video streams.

    1st Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and John McCain

    1st Vice-Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin

    Bomb English Needs Your Help!

    Bomb English is looking for a few good men . . .or women . . .or aliens from outer space^^ We’re ready to begin posting new episodes, but before we get back on track, we need to find a new transcriptionist. We need someone with a few free hours each week who can listen to the edited podcast and type up a script that accurately reflects what we said. Good candidates will have a strong grasp of English, an interest in media and broadcasting, and most importantly, no history of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re interested, drop us a line!

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  • Jennifer on Seoul Podcast

    It is with great trepidation that I announce that I was this week’s guest for the Seoul Podcast. If you ever wondered what I sound like when I’m being really, really silly . . . well, this would be your chance. Go ahead and click here if you want to lose what little respect you might have had for me.

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  • Mike and Jennifer on Arirang TV!

    Mike and Jennifer were interviewed on Arirang TV, for a segment on expat bloggers! You can see the interview here:

    Vacation’s Almost Over

    Jennifer and I are having our summer 휴가’s right now, so we’ll be back very soon — are you enjoying your summer vacations? What are you doing?

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  • Words and Music

    Ok, this is just for fun, but one of my favorite “songs” of all time is Bulbous Bouffant by The Vestibules. Have you ever said a word over and over again until it ceased to have meaning and became just sound? Probably you haven’t, but I’m weird and I have. That’s the basic idea behind this skit . . .

    For more fun, you can find more songs and skits at www.thevestibules.com

    Radio Star

    I’ll admit an ulterior motive for my previous post about radio dramas.
    Of course, listening to radio dramas and programming are wonderful ways to improve your English listening skills. But what if you could improve more than your listening? What if you had an opportunity to practice your writing and speaking skills at the same time? What if you could have something really nifty to show off how much your skills were improving?

    What if you made your own radio drama?

    Here at Bomb English we want not only to produce wonderful podcasts, but also participate in the process of learning. We hope a small group of listeners might be interested in helping to write, produce, perform, and record a radio-style drama. If you would be interested, please let us know by sending us an email or commenting here on this post. As soon as we have enough people, there will be an announcement giving the time and place of the first meeting!

    폭탄영어? 이게 뭔데?

    우리 폭탄영어는 그냥 '리얼 잉구리쉬'이며 유치하고 재미없는 보통 방송국에서 나오는 컨텐츠를 제공 안합니다. 지금 현재 존재하는 사교육, 영어학원산업이 크게 보면 완전히 사기라고 생각합니다. 미국의 '다이트산업'처럼 진짜 좋은 살을 빼는 방법을 찾았으면 그 산업이 없어질 거잖아요. 마찬가지로 한국에서도 반복해서 맨날 '레벨 테스트'를 보고 학원 다니다가 죄책감을 느끼고 또 다른 시스템을 해보고...다른 학원 다니고...휴. 결국은 영어실력이 늘으세요? 원어민이랑 일주일에 한번 같이 배워도 근본적인 유창함이 변하지 않잖아요.

    우리는 달라요. 재밌고 단지 영어 선생님아닌 색다른 원어민이랑, 영어를 배운 한국 호스트랑, 어른으로써 좋아하고 재지있게 들을 수 있는 대화로 진짜 공부할 수 있게 하는 관심과 동기를 생길 수 있습니다. 우리의 해주는 대본을 보면서 대화를 들어보시고 못 알아들은 부분을 혼자나 스터디멤버들이랑 알아보는 다음에 다 이해하는 상태로 또 들어보면서 자기 의견을 생각할 시간이 있으니까 스스로, 스터디멤버들이랑, 아니면 수업시간에 같이 그 주제로 discussion을 계속하고 우리랑 얘기하는 것처럼 native speaker의 말을 효율적으로 이요하세요.

    일반 한국사람들이 충분히 어휘, 문법, 그런 기계적인 영어를 배웠습니다. 많은 영어의 '모닝 쇼'에서는 외국인만 영어로 얘기하고 꼭 한국사람이 한국말로만 대답하잖아요! 이게 뭐야? 생각해보셨습니까? 이젠 더이상 겁을 나거나 떨지마시고 자기의 배웠던 영어를 실천시키세요! 언어를 배우는 건 문법/어휘를 배우는 것아닙니다. 이런 영어를 못 하게 하는 개념을 깨세요! 폭탄이 처치는 것처럼. 우리 폭탄영어! "We da bomb!"

    iPod 있지?

    그러면 우리 사이트를 갖고 다녀야 지! 위에 그림을 클릭하면 자동으로 iTunes에 등록하게 된 당! 뭐, 없다고? 다운 받아야 ! 그냥 듣고 싶거나 일반 MP3로 저장하려면 아래 링크들이 있쥐! Podcast이용하는 방법을 모르신다고요? 노 프로브렘!

    Take our site with you! Click on the iPod above to subscribe. Don't have iTunes? Just click on the iPod girl above!

    가입하면 왜 좋으냐고요!?

    가입하시면 new episode가 나오거나 알릴 만한 소식이 있으면 직접 email로 보내드릴게요. 그리고 로긴한 상태로 코멘트를 올리는 것 더 편해요. 우리 커뮤니티의 멤버가 되니까 얼마나 좋죠?

    이 사람들이 도대체 누구냐고요?