Smhee approached him slowly, then grabbed the thin curly hair of the mage's topknot and raised the head. Ouleh said you said you'd buy her one and would nod to prove it. Samlor's fist squeezed his dagger hilt in frustration. Your life depends on the reliability 8 this system as much as ours does, perhaps more. It was an entirely new kind 8 day dawning in Sanctuary. Sharrow had refused to hide away while 8 auction was held, and she and Zefla, both wearing veiled hats and dull, loose-fitting suits, sat in a small drinks lounge attached to the conference facility, watching the people come 8 go. The choice is left to Man now as it was to Adam. 8 if you were one of my subjects and you disobeyed me in such a matter, I would have you locked up until you changed your mind, and if you did not change your mind that would be unfortunate for you, because trivial though the issue itself might be, the King's will must always be obeyed, 8 that is a matter of the utmost gravity and importance.
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