By the way, readers — we have a sister magazine, an edgy fashion magazine called Yahae! that will do for Korean fashion what Bomb English will do for boring ESL content in Korea! We’ve been busy bees in trying to develop content that will do well on the Korean Internet, and now that the Korean Internet has changed a LOT in the time since we took a break from Bomb English, we are now in a much more friendly media environment for our content.

Now, not only has the iPod become the standard MP3 player (anyone out there even remember the iRiver, let alone use one?), that the smartphone (iPhone and Android) has entered the market, as have Twitter and Facebook — we feel our content can develop into natural communities and spread much farther and faster than it could have before.

So, we feel it’s time for Bomb English to return, with a new, determined vengeance. And also, it’s time to break open the Korean independent online magazine market, starting with the first such fashion magazine, that will bring a new standard of edginess and style to the Korean magazine market, which will be completely online within two years. Check us out.

Read it and follow it, ’cause THIS is also da bomb!